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Altempco only provides glass walls of exceptional quality as well as superior customer service to athletic clubs, colleges and universities, and other recreational facilities worldwide. Our technical expertise and emphasis on client satisfaction are second to none.


When it comes to sports court performance, there is no competition. Altempco Glass Walls, specializing in view walls and view windows for racquetball, handball, squash, sport court, and mutlipurpose room applications, is a leader in the manufacture of structural sport glass wall system.


The Altempco wall system consists of tempered glass, high tensile polyurethane hardware, anchoring systems, and impact resistant tempered glass doors. Together, these materials create an integral unit that distributes stresses, minimizes deflection and vibration, and provides true rebound and response on the playing surface of the glass. Altempco structural glass walls are pre-engineered and designed to withstand very high loading criteria. In the rare event of failure, the tempered glass panel or fin which is affected will fracture into innumerable small pieces, reducing the possiblity of serious injury upon impact.


Altempco glass walls meet and/or exceed the BOCA requirements listed in accordance with CPSC 16 CFR part 1201. Check out our architectural details and specifications to see for yourself that we are clearly the best choice in view walls.


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