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How to Specify Lockers

Classic Woodworking lockers are constructed according to AWI standards and the wide range of locker doors in wood and plastic laminate permits us to accommodate each client’s preferences without sacrificing the high quality which has made our products famous among architects everywhere.


As the world’s leading provider of luxury, custom wood lockers, Classic Woodworking customers have come to know us as masters of form and function. Beautifully handcrafted from luxury materials, Classic Woodworking wood lockers are built to last. Our wood lockers have graced the halls of country clubs, leading resorts, spas, top universities, national sports teams, health and fitness centers, and municipalities for more than a quarter century.

Step 1 - Select Door Style

The Door Style is one of the most important; as it sets the overall tone of your locker room. Raised panel designs lend classic elegance, louvers can add both ventilation and a casual-upscale feel, while the shaker and flat panel options lean toward modern sophistication.  Plastic laminate materials offer a wide variety of appearances at a great value.

Step 3 - Select Locker Style

Locker Style is mainly determined by membership requirements.  How many members will need to be accommodated?  What type of membership are you accommodating?  What space is required for each member?  This selection also determines the overal design of your locker room to ensure space requirements are met as well as reaching optimum productivity and investment.

Step 2 - Select Finish

There are numerous finish options to choose; from laminate to a UV finish line.  While Wilsonart and Formica are the preferred manufacturers, Classic can use laminates from virtually all major manufacturers.  All Classic veneer products go through our UV finishing line, which sprays a water-based UV cured top coat that is 150% more durable than traditional lacquer and is environmentally friendly with zero VOCs.

Step 4 - Select Interior Options

Customize each locker opening with a variety of interior options.  This not only utilizes the available area but also creates a more personal space for the member.  We all know that more options means more opportunities, why not implement these into your space.

Step 5 - Select Lock Options

Choosing the right lock is a very important decision in building your locker.  Things to consider when selecting your lock would be; ease of use, temporary or permament, ADA requirements and the most important consideration of all, membership preference.

Step 6 - Select Accessories

This final step in your locker room design is mostly optional and does not constitute requirements for having a finished product.  These options range from finished base facing to finished crown molding and will add elegance to any locker room.