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How to Specify Door Finish

High Pressure Laminate


For areas where solid wood lockers are not well suited for the interior design, or may be cost prohibitive, plastic laminate materials offer a wide variety of appearances at a great value.


       Wilsonart Laminate Brochure


       Formica Laminate Brochure

Wood Veneer


Classic veneer lockers can range in style from sublimely classic to purely modern. Our veneer is set apart by key features.  Not only do we have a standard finish line, we have the ability to match most samples provided by architects and owners:


Quality Material

Classic has been in business for decades. Over time, we have developed relationships with key providers to ensure that our veneer is consistent and top quality.


UV Finishing Line

All Classic veneer products go through our UV finishing line, which sprays a water-based UV cured top coat that is 150% more durable than traditional lacquer and is environmentally friendly with zero VOCs.


       Classic Finish Line


       Classic Exotic Veneers