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How to Specify Interior Options

Customize each locker opening with a variety of interior options.  This not only utilizes the available area but also creates a more personal space for the member.  We all know that more options means more opportunities, why not implement these into your space.

Model "A-1" Single Tier Locker


Standard Interior: 1-Hat Shelf / 1-Hanging Rod / 1-Coat Hook


Classic Lockers model “A-1” single tier locker provides full height storage of hanging garments, as well as shoe/hat storage. The lower shelf (optional) doubles as both a storage compartment and sturdy seat capable of supporting up to 250 pounds.

Model "B-2" Double Tier Locker


Standard Interior:  1-Hanging Rod / 1-Coat Hook 


Classic's model “B-2” double tier locker has similar interior as the single tier, provides full height storage of hanging garments.  The interior is spacious and allows proper utilization of a full height locker.  The lower opening acts as an ADA compliant locker with an optional shelf at 15" A.F.F.  When floor space is at an absolute premium or the storage needs very limited.

Customize Your Wood Locker With These Optional Accessories 

Fixed/Adjustable/Cantalever Shelving

When fixed shelves are not sufficient, these shelves will satisfy any space.


Framed Mirrors

Mirror frames are designed in the same material and finish to match your wood locker doors. Custom sizes available upon request.


Lock Box

Perfect for storing watches and wallets. Available with any Classic Woodworking lock (provided with 5-Pin Cam Lock). Lock boxes are now recessed to provide a higher level of security.

Shoe Cubby

Shoe Cubby dimensions, as seen in the options above, can be customized to your specifications.


Wood Door Tray with Towel Bar

Door trays are designed to hold small objects as well as hand towels.

Also available without towel bar.


Drawer with Knob or Keylock

Store away your keepsakes or even for use as a file cabinet.  Drawers can be customized to fit your needs.