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Racquetball Court Panels

Our panels can be applied against the three most common types of framework: steel studs, wood studs, and/or wood furring on existing structural walls.


Panels are set in place with PL400 construction adhesive then screwed through the tongue of the panel which pulls each panel tighter and flush against the framing members. This ensures the smoothest playing surface and tightest seam fits possible. We stagger each row of panels to create the interlocking design that is the Classic Woodworking, LLC trademark of quality.


Due to the durability and reputation of our panels, they may also be used as indoor soccer dasher boards, gymnasium wall finishes and multi-purpose room finishes. The Classic Woodworking, LLC panels are available in an array of colors and patterns.

Racquetball Court Panel Specifications (all densities +/- 5%):


Wall and ceiling panels are specified composite density particleboard core with .050 high-pressure laminate white face and laminate backer.


Panel sizes are 48”x96” with edges fully sealed. Panels to be installed in an interlocking and seam-staggered configuration.  Tongue and Groove Construction.


Front Wall - Thickness: 1 1/8”, 60 lb. Density


Side/Rear Walls - Thickness: 7/8”, 55 lb. Density


Ceiling - Thickness: 5/8”, 46 lb. Density